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About My Hunny's Honey

My Hunny's Honey is a small family owned bee farm just outside of Brownsburg, Indiana. Our mission is to protect and preserve the honey bee as a vital contributor to our food sources. The honey bee is responsible for $15 billion in U.S. agricultural crops each year.  

Our adventure into beekeeping started 25 years ago on a little farm in Illinois. We began what we thought was going to be a hobby with two hives and it grew into our operation today which includes around 150 hives. We have been rearing our own queens for over 18 years. In doing this we can control the behaviors of the entire colony. If the queen is docile the workers will also be docile and that makes our job of caring for them that much easier.


We strive for healthy and happy honey bees. We maintain the hives as naturally as possible thru genetics and screened bottom boards. All of our honey products are as close to nature as we can get. We do not pasteurize any of our extracted honey so the beneficial properties of raw honey are still present. 


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